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Destination: Lord Howe Island, Australia


Coming in as one of Australia’s best kept secrets – Lord Howe Island is nothing short of magical.

Located an easy 2 hours flight off Sydney via Qantas, this Pacific Island gem boasts jaw-dropping mountain ranges, plentiful coral reef lagoons and open sea so pristine, you’ll think you’re in a dream.

Dubbed the diamond amongst the rough seas – Lord Howe has been unspoiled for nearly 7 million years and is listed under UNESCO world heritage status. Capped at a 400 person tourist capacity – your entire stay is made to feel like it’s just you, your bicycle & the sea.

What to See

  1. From the Sky

There is a prize for Lord Howe being so remote – there are limited ways in and out. Hopefully you’re not afraid of heights and the descent and landing into Lorde Howe is something you will cherish for the rest of your life!

Visitors liken this aerial ride to that of flying over the Grand Canyon, or the unbelievable Heart Reef of the Whitsundays – your mind is sure to be blown.

TIP: Your camera is a MUST for this scenic view – as you feel like you are approaching a real life Jurassic World – a true natural wonder of the universe!

2. Explore the pristine reef

Don’t miss the opportunity to snorkel the world’s most southerly coral reef. Erscott’s Reef boasts the greatest coral diversity within the lagoon offering a variety of snorkelling experiences.

Relax and unwind as you explore amongst tropical coral gardens, schools of swimming fish and exquisite turtle life that are renowned to frequent the site.  For those who want to stay a little more dry but still experience the beauty that is Erscott, glass-bottom boats come in second best option!

3. Climb Mount Gower

There’s something so surreal about being surrounded by nature and its silence, so why not take on one of the best treks on Earth up Mount Gower!

This 8 hour return hike provides breathtaking views of the entire island with a side of adrenaline rush… rope assisted climbing sections & drop down narrow pathways to the ocean sound thrilling? This trek will leave you speechless and quite literally on a high.

5. Visit the tallest rock in the world

You can’t leave Lord Howe without visiting this natural beauty known as Balls Pyramid. Set 23 kilometres off Lord Howe. Balls Pyramid is an erosional remnant of a shield volcano and caldera which formed approximately 6.4 million years ago. Today, this standard landmark is home to some of the worlds best diving – where divers frequently come face to face with a spectacular array of sea-creatures only known to this region. Once again – do not – we repeat – do not forget your camera on this trip!

6. Blinky Beach

Dubbed Champagne Surf, head to Blinky Beach if you’re keen to catch a wave on one of Australia’s least crowded breaks. This unspoilt white haven is pure bliss whether you’re getting barrelled, or simply wanting to enjoy a relaxing picnic and float in turquoise blue as the sun goes down.

TIP: Make a day of this pristine location – relax under the sun, catch a few waves and pack a bottle of nice red together with a cheese platter and you’ll be sure you’ve discovered heaven on earth.

Where to Stay

Dine at or Stay in the Islands Premium Boutique Choice

If you are wanting to escape reality and transform into a luxury haven – the Capella is the place for you. Boasting 1 million dollar views over the picturesque pacific ocean and mountainous landscapes – this luxury boutique is the perfect location to relax and slip back into nature. Flights to the island are limited, so ensure to have these locked in before booking your accommodation in advance.

If you are not staying at Capella, you can still enjoy this breathtaking set up from the restaurant, which serves up a delicious collection of the island’s freshest produce daily combined with freshly baked home made goods and contemporary deconstructed desserts.

This is not to be missed to truly make your unique and exclusive VIP Lord Howe experience complete!

What to Pack

Our Lord Howe island picks are the perfect fit from dusk till dawn. Think clean whites, basic throw overs, and easy to wear dresses that you can style casually with flats during daylight, or dress up with heels to match your one in a million dining experiences.

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Words by Faithfull the Brand
Images by Pinterest, Lord Howe & VisitNSW

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