Turquoise Shores


Turquoise Shores

Follow Paris as she escapes to the beauty that is, The Maldives exclusively for #faithfulltravels

Photos by @paris_hulme & Images by @tinydarkcastle

The Maldives are such an idyllic place. You really couldn’t ask for a better island paradise. The powder white sand makes the warm, clear water a bright turquoise color shifting to a deep blue as the depth increases.

Walk the coconut tree lined shores and look up to see adorable fruit bats flying from tree to tree while baby black tip reef sharks swim over the shallow sand.

Kandolhu island was my favorite we visited. The island is a tiny, oval shaped island about 150 by 200 meters, which makes it perfect because you can walk around the whole thing in just a few minutes. The other special thing of the Maldives is the villas on the water.

Waking up in the morning with nothing but the ocean all around you and walking down your stairs to dip in the water was heaven.

The Maldivian people were some of the most friendly I have ever encountered. They are quiet speaking and always smiling. Every local we came in to contact with had a smile on their face and said hello. The kindness of the Maldivian people really added to a great experience at the islands.

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