The Perfect Sunset Session


The Perfect Sunset Session

Who says you need to wait until Sunday to sip on margarita’s while the sun goes down? WeLikeBali spends the afternoon at our favorite beach lounge in all of Bali, The Lawn for the ultimate sunset session Canggu has to offer.

Welcome to Sunsets at the Lawn

The Lawn x WelikeBali The Lawn x WelikeBali2 The Lawn x WelikeBali3 The Lawn x WelikeBali4

Left Image: @thelawncanggu

Left Image: @thelawncanggu

The Lawn x WelikeBali6 The Lawn x WelikeBali7

The Lawn x WelikeBali8

Images: @thelawncanggu

The Lawn x WelikeBali9

Images by @welikebali

Pris in the #BarbadosTop & #GironaShorts Picnic Stripe ~ Eve in the #SunsOutTop Ivy League Stripe

Beach Lounge @thelawncanggu

Location Batu Bolong, Bali

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