Milos – A hidden slice of Greek Heaven by Rachel Gill


Follow our wanderlust couple, Rachel Gill & Cameron Hammond, taking the path less travelled to the small island of Milos – where picturesque beaches, a rich history and cycladic villages & terrain rival the best in all of Greece. 

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Milos Island in Greece is truly special to Cameron and I, as we spent a portion of our honeymoon there, so when we had the chance to return this year we spent months simmering with anticipation!  To get to Milos, first fly into Athens, where you will need an Olympic Air flight onward to Milos. The flight is a short 30 minute, scenic ride in a turbo prop and be prepared for a few bumps when it’s windy!  The aerial view of the island on approach is breathtaking and really sets the tone for the trip.

Upon arrival in Milos, the first thing to do is rent a car.  I reserved in advance with Alexandros at Melian Cars (, so after a quick signing of papers we were on the road.   Milos is an amazing place to explore by car with it’s softly winding roads that are pretty desolate most of the time.  It allows for time to go slow, roll down the windows, and really appreciate the natural beauty whizzing past.

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Milos Island is magical in the fact that it’s not yet spoiled by tourism.  May and early-mid June are amazing times to visit, when it’s still warm and sunny but blissfully quiet.  The coastline is covered in beaches that aren’t only beautiful, but utterly unique.  Check out Sarakiniko, a beach quickly becoming famous for it’s moonlike landscape.

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Have a swim in the warm, shallow waters of the main portion of the beach, and then take a walk around to the left to discover an amazing swimming hole and great place to cliff-jump!  I took the plunge myself and you won’t regret it!  I couldn’t spend long enough floating amongst the blue!

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Another beach not to miss is Papafragas.  Park at the top and ignore the signs telling you not to descend the steep, gravelly slop to the bottom.  Please be careful,  but I promise it’s doable, even for someone like me who is scared of heights!  From the bottom you are greeted by the incredible sight of a small beach and thin strip of clear blue water surrounded by huge cliff walls.  Behind is a cave and for the really adventurous, take a swim through the little hole in the cliff wall on the left to discover another whole other secret cave/waterway next door!  It’s surreal and most likely you will have the entire place to yourself.

Besides it’s beaches, Milos also has incredible little fishing villages.  My favourite has to be Mytakas, with it’s beautiful buildings and pristine little beach.  Other ones to discover are, one with no name near Alogomantra beach (turn at the sign for Agios Konstantinos), Firopotamas and Mandrakia.  They are all in close vicinity and it doesn’t take long to hop from one to the other.

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Cameron and I always book ourselves into Tania’s in Pollonia (  I can’t rave enough about Tania.  After two stays with her a year apart, she is practically family!  I can’t say there is any other hotel on earth that does what Tania does in terms of the level of genuine hospitality and dedication to her guests.  She, her mother Mary and lovely staff members Tina and Vasilis just instantly make you feel at home. Breakfast is a standout, home-cooked fresh each day by Tania’s mother Mary, affectionately known as “Mrs Mary,” who stays up late each night and rises at 5 am to ensure all the cakes, spanakopita and coffee are piping hot and perfectly fresh. The white-washed, minimalistic and spotless rooms offer a feeling of simple luxury for a very affordable price.  Combine this with the location and the impeccable hospitality and Tania’s wins the award for my favourite hotel in the world hands down!


The food on Milos is another highlight!  I love Enalion (, in the quaint town of Pollonia, which is set right on the beach and an easy 5 minute stroll from Tania’s.  Georgia, the owner, is just a delight and will happily recommend her favourite dishes and wine to you.  After a night there you feel like family.

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Make sure to try the Tomatokeftades, a Cyclades island specialty of sundried tomato fritters.  Another favourite for me is the Garden’s Tomatoes, a fresh salad of tomatoes grown in Georgia’s garden mixed with fresh basil, capers and a special Milos cheese which is soft and creamy.  The combination is to die for!  The house red wine is a delicious and affordable way to round out a perfect dinner in Milos.

In summary, Milos island is a special place in the Greek Islands where one can still find a beach to themselves, traditional food and the friendliest people on earth.  Cameron and I are already looking forward to our return next year!

Written by Rachel Gill + Photos by Cameron Hammond 

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