MIE JUEL: Puglia

Follow the beautiful Mie Juel to one of our favorite destinations – Puglia.  She lists her top 5 musts for the perfect Italian Coastline escape this summer for #faithfulltravels.

Top Stay

My favorite stay in Puglia was without a doubt Masseria Moroseta. I loved everything about it. The intimate atmosphere. The interior design. The excellent food.

I discovered Masseria Moroseta after randomly scrolling over it on Instagram and instantly knew that this was going to be our first stop on our honeymoon. By the way Masseria means farm in Italian.

mie juel stay 2

mie juel stay

There are only six rooms at the Masseria Moroseta. Each room is styled in its own unique way and has a private little courtyard. We stayed in room no. 1.

One evening the owner hosted am Italian ‘family’ dinner where all the guests dined together. Such a magical night.

mie juel stay 7

mie juel stay 6

Most of the old pottery you see featured on the table and on the shelf, was for sale – I bought five pots among some other things.

Top Eat

This is probably the most difficult question when vacationing in Italy where every meal is like heaven. But in a little port called Gallipoli we had a new dining experience at the seafood restaurant Pescheria Cucina Silocco.

The concept was simple; 1. Choose your table, 2. Take the number from the table, 3. Select your seafood from the fish counter 4. You’re your waiter how you’d like the meal prepared. We ordered one pasta linguine with lobster and one with mussels followed by tuna steaks. Need I say YUM!

Top Beach

The water at Salina dei Monaci was as crystal clear as a pool or better yet as the water in the Caribbean. I kid you not!

Top Activity 

Gelato hunting! My husband and I are both obsessed with gelato. But honestly, who isn’t? Our mission was simply, to find the best gelato in every town which resulted in two-three gelatos a day.

Top Souvenir

Also in Gallipoli in a shop called Salamastra, I found the most beautiful pair of earrings; baroque pearls with rubies, similar to a pair of Céline earrings I’d been craving. I call them my honeymoon earrings.

Mie Juel x Faithfull 


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