We asked @_lilikoi about her pure & personal love of home – Hawaii

Tell us a bit more about your love of your home, Hawaii? 

I was born and raised on the North Shore of Oahu with my five siblings, parents, and myriad of pets. We lived in a little crooked shack in the woods, surrounded by mango and cherry trees. We didn’t have electricity, so days were always spent outdoors. Every morning, my dad would take us to the beach to work on our ever-expanding beach fort. It was made of everything and anything that we could find. The walls were made of driftwood and adorned with sea glass, blue fishermen nets, and white coral. We had an obstacle course made from tires and tunnels made of sand. Eventually, the fort became so impressive that it was even photographed for the paper. Life was simple; life was good.

This simple way of living is exactly why I love Hawaii so much. Experiences and genuine relationships outweigh the importance of material objects. Our community is a melting pot of cultures…everyone is an “Aunty” or “Uncle” and people are greeted with warm hugs. We prefer to drive old pick up trucks, wear slippahs, and eat lunch from food trucks (and boy, are there a lot of food trucks). Homes and businesses are painted with bright, happy colors, and many roads are still unpaved. Our moto sums it up perfectly — “keep the country country.” We love the way things are, and never want them to change.

     The natural elements of Hawaii are undeniable. Beauty is tucked in every corner, from the beaches to the deserts to the jungles. Trade winds carry the smell of salt and rain to your doorstep, and the sun kisses your cheeks. The jungles are filled with music, flowers, and the roaring energy of distance waterfalls. I’m not sure what it is, but there’s a sort of healing power here; it always realigns my mind and body after a long trip. There is never a lack of inspiration (or negative ions), and I am forever grateful to call Hawaii my home. Mahalo Ke Akua.

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