Escape to The Maldives with Jewelry Designer Amber Sceats


Imagine white sand and turquoise water clear enough to see the fish and stingrays beneath you. Snorkel for miles in the ocean which is more of a big warm bath, brimming with amazing sea life. With over 1000 islands, you are bound to find your perfect slice of heaven in The Maldives. Escape with Jewelry designer Amber Sceats as she shares her mini travel guide to her favourite spots.


The Maldives is on everyone’s bucket list – what words describes it best?
Unforgettable luxury. Picturesque and incredibly romantic.

Where is your next destination ? Is it for leisure, work or both?
Mexico! My three favourite things – tequila, guacamole and crystal clear beaches. What more does a girl need? I’m also very interested in their history and culture.

What to pack for The Maldives…
All you need is a bikini and a couple Faithfull Stevie Shirts! No shoes and no pants required 😉 it’s super relaxed and very hot.


Being fellow business owners, we know how hard to is to switch off when on holiday – can you give us tips on how you stay relaxed while also checking those daily emails?      This is one of the downfalls of owning your own business – and if you are anything like me – a complete control freak, you actually never have any real time off. For me it always takes about a week to finally wind down and learn to semi-switch off and live in the present. Depending on the time difference, have a specific time of the day where you allocate one hour to answer all urgent emails, for me the early morning was best. This way I didn’t have work on my mind for the rest of the day.

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Quick questions!
Sunrise or sunset? Sunset
City or beach? Beach
Ladylike or tomboy? Tomboy
Beer or cocktail? Cocktail
Exercise or sleep in? Sleep in


Mini Travel Guide on The Maldives

There are a few points you need to consider whilst creating your holiday in the Maldives…
First, it is very expensive, especially getting there and buying food. So do your research and find hotels that are offering specials such as complimentary half board (breakfast and dinner). Another way to save is to find an island/hotel that is close to the main island (Male) so you can travel via boat rather than seaplane. The seaplanes which fly from Male to the hotels are over $1000 per person. Another important point to know is that you cannot fly from hotel to hotel – you always need to fly via Male. Therefore, it’s best to choose only one hotel.

We stayed at Maalifushi by Como and it was perfect! The style is beach chic luxury, casual yet elegant. It instantly makes you feel that you are on holiday. I travelled with my family and had a three bedroom villa on the beach with our own private pool and butler – it was heaven!
My parents had a standard villa on the beach which was also very beautiful. We were there for 2 weeks, there was daily complimentary activities such as snorkelling with sea turtles, yoga, kayaking etc… it was simply perfect. A once in a lifetime experience.


Food for all – so many different things to choose from. You won’t be bored with options. There are three restaurants on the island:

Tai – A delicious Japanese restaurant and our personal favourite
Madi – The main restaurant on the beach that also holds themed nights each week, including a Tradition Maldivian Bodu Beru night, seafood bounty local seafood barbeque and a ‘Thali’ evening focusing on south Indian specialties.
Thila – Relaxed and vibrant bar with amazing summer cocktails

The native food – Maldivian- is a cross between Indian and Sri Lankan, however they have a vast variety of modern Australian food as well if curries aren’t your thing. The food was super healthy and incredibly fresh. For breakfast they had fresh made to order smoothies and fruit juices, eggs a-la carte and the most delicious array of pastries and cereals.

In summary – go. The Maldives is the picture perfect backdrop for insta-worthy photos which will make all your fellow followers green with envy. Plus, you’ll have the time of your life offline too.

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