Arguably one of the most photographically popular Italian destinations of recent years, Cameron and I were excited to hit the Amalfi Coast and put our own cameras to work!

The winding road on approach to Positano sets a dramatic stage compete with sheer cliffs, impossibly tall mountains, and of course the breathtaking and iconic architecture hugging the landscape all the way down to the azure sea.  Follow me as I show you what I fell in love with on this fairytale coast.

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We booked ourselves into a beautiful family-run bed and breakfast, Villaverde, in Positano  This quaint little hotel features jaw-dropping views down into the gorge.  There is nothing quite like feasting on their jam-filled croissants while basking in the warmth of the morning sun and drinking in the views stretched out before you.

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After breakfast it’s a descent down 400 stairs to town, bustling with shops selling everything from beachwear, to limoncello to delicious granitas.  A must-do in Positano or anywhere on the Amalfi coast really is to sample a fresh lemon granita from one of the stands.  Often topped with strawberries and oh-so-delicious, this drink/desert is the perfect way to cool down on a hot afternoon.

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A walk along Positano’s main beach is also a must, as the people watching and atmosphere is unforgettable.  My camera got a work out here, and I just couldn’t stop finding angles that commanded my attention.

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Grab a sunbed if you are keen to stay awhile, or in our case we had a quick and refreshing dip before wandering off to continue our exploration.

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On the left side of main beach (when looking at the ocean) is a rocky area that is perfect for getting away from the crowds.  Cameron and I made the most of this area by using it to stage a sunset picnic.  I could feel the jealous eyes on us as we commanded the most enviable view in all of Positano for our little layout of buffalo mozzarella, fresh tomatoes, basil and bread, perfectly finished off with a bottle of location Italian wine.  An utterly satisfying way to finish off a great day.

A trip to Positano isn’t complete without a side trip over to Capri.  While day trips are common, I would recommend at least 2 days on this mesmerising little island.  There is no need for a car; your feet and occasionally a quaint-looking bus can take you to every corner of the island.

We booked into a real gem of a place, Hotel La Reginella.  If you can endure a 10 minute walk uphill from the square with your luggage, then you will be rewarded with incredible value for money at this beautiful boutique hotel.  With the perfect views and one of the best included buffet breakfast I have ever had, Alex, his adorable dog and his staff will make you feel like family in no time.  Try this place out before the prices go up, as they will in an island like Capri, which is based on the very concept of luxury.

From the hotel you can easily reach a beautiful walking path which will take you around to the iconic Faraglioni, and the equally iconic beach clubs next to them.

If you want a sunbed here, be prepared to book up to 3 months in advance!  If you get lucky and snag a space for the day, there is no swankier way to pass the day sun-baking, swimming in the cerulean sea and sipping on a cold glass of rose.

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No trip to Capri is complete without a sunset Aperol Spriz in the main square.  The event is both nerve wrecking and fascinating as upscale clientele jockey for the perfect people-watching position at the various establishments around the square.  It’s certainly a moment to make sure your outfit is on point, and your best sunglasses are on show!

For an affordable dinner after your aperitif I have to recommend a pizza from La Cisterna.  The owner is a sizeable man who basically drags you into the restaurant and plonks you down before you really know what has happened.  You are, however, pretty happy about it after sampling his homemade wine and the pizzas are just delicious.

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The Amalfi Coast certainly lived up to it’s hype for me, and I can’t wait to come back, stay a little bit longer and snap even more photos of this incredibly photogenic place.

Written by Rachel Gill + Photos by Cameron Hammond 

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