CALA MASTELLA: CollageVintage

We follow our faithfull babe Sara from @collagevintage to Cala Mastella on her must see’s for the perfect Ibiza    escape – Words by Sara. 

Today I’m sharing with you one of my favorites places in Ibiza, Cala Mastella, I like this cute cove because is almost empty in summer, the walking access is not easy, so that makes a kind of wild corner and also because there are two places where to eat very good. The first one doesn’t have a name that I know, it’s just getting to the cove and the food is basic, salads, pizzas, sandwiches and a delicious homemade french fries.

The second one it’s called “El Bigotes” and maybe you know about it, it’s famous for grilled meat, seafood and local fishes. You have definitely to try it. If you’re lucky to move by boat on the island, you can get there by sailing 😉

In this small cove we spent one of the summer days bathing almost alone, sunbathing and of course, taking advantage of some pictures of the look of the day with this beautiful postcard background. I’m wearing a Faithfull bikini, just released their first swimwear collection and they’re all amazing.

I can’t wait for next summer days to wear the new collection 😉 I’m wearing as well a striped dress in beige, black and white, ideal for both going to the beach, as I did this day, with straw hat, rope sandals and basket, or elevate your outfit with high heel sandals and wearing for a night event. I love it, what about you?

– Sara xx


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