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BEHIND THE GIRL // The Nomadic People

She loves Travel. He likes Adventure. Get a personal insight into the creatives behind the lens of @thenomadicpeople, Kim & Nash, and the inspirational life they lead here on #faithfulltravels

Your photos are absolutely divine – how did you get into photography and how many years have you been nurturing this beautiful talent/career? 

I believe that a picture says more than a thousand words. My passion for travelling and exploring the diversity of cultures is probably how I developed my love to photography. It is the ultimate search to capture a culture or place in a way that it reflects the very essence and vibe of that very moment. Photography is my way of sharing experiences without having to use words.

What set up would we find in your camera case? 

We travel around with our Vinta camera bag that has room for all our little goodies. Our Nikon D610 is the baby we shoot most of our pictures with. We just recently invested in a new Nikkon 24-70mm lens that made our shooting life so much easier as it covers both the close ups and the wide-angle shots. We also have a Nikkor 60mm macro lens and a Tamron 70-200mm telephoto lens.

5 things you can’t travel without? 

  1. Camera
  2. Rose water
  3. My little leather backpack filled with all my secret woman essentials
  4. At least one new outfit that I will feel gorgeous and comfortable in
  5. My Husband

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The most inspiring moment you can think of whilst travelling?

This moment happened on an island of Japan called Okinawa. We had been traveling for a while and our travel funds where pretty much drained. It was our last night before our flight back home and we were desperately looking for a place to stay, but everything affordable was booked out. Somewhere between the thoughts of sleeping outside and making our way back to the airport, we met Willie, an American Military Officer based in Okinawa. We can’t really remember how our conversation began, or even what it consisted of, but we do remember packing our stuff into his car, and him driving us to an inexpensive hotel just outside of town. If that wasn’t enough he left us with $100 cash for a romantic dinner and the promise to pick us up in the morning to show us the island before dropping us off at the airport. We couldn’t believe what just happened to us. The next day he showed us all the cool spots around the area, and after he took us out to the most delicious Thai restaurant with a beautiful view over the most pristine beaches, he dropped us at the airport leaving us with these exact words — “Pay it forward. Maybe one day you can do the same for someone else….”

Who/what inspires you? 

I am inspired most by those who I meet while traveling. It’s when you think that you have seen and experienced so much that you meet people who tell you the most mind blowing stories and share the most sacred places with you. Those are the moments when I realize, that I haven’t even scratched the surface.

How did you both meet? 

I am originally from Germany and I met Nash when I was working as an Au Pair in San Francisco. Meeting him definitely felt like destiny. I was supposed to be an au pair in New York but the family was in the middle of a divorce so I had to rematch. The chance to find a new family just before Christmas and on the west coast was pretty much 0. However for some miraculous reason I found an amazing new family in San Francisco. I quickly made new friends and one night one of my best friends picked me up for a game night and there was Nash sitting in the back of the car…. After 4 years of a distance relationship and meeting all over the world, finishing our Bachelor degrees and getting married we are finally reunited for good. Marrying him was kind of a dream come true. Thanks to the OC California series I always wanted to meet a California skater boy. God just put two and two together.

What are your top 3 places to recommend we MUST visit and why? 

  1. Korea — Busan and Seoul

Two cities that absolutely blew away all of our expectations. Busan has the most pristine beaches and the cutest hotels. Seoul is so full of life that its positive vibes can be spotted miles away. Young people are literally gathering everywhere, amazing fashion, divine street food and the nightlife never stops. It was our first time to eat a cake literally out of a cute little flowerpot and it was the cutest and most delicious cake ever devoured.

  1. Morocco — Chefchouen

An entire city colored in blue. It’s as if the Smurfs were real and left their homes to the Moroccans. This city is nothing like I have ever seen before. It is not only the color that makes it so special but the people are also some of the kindest people in all of Morocco.

  1. Vietnam — Hoi-an

This is the cutest little town in the middle of Vietnam. Once the sun kisses the day good night, the streets light up and all the houses and terraces are decorated with shining colorful paper lanterns. The little river that runs through the town then fills with little paper boats that have little candles inside. How could you miss out on this magical place.

Favorite quote?

“Once you have travelled the voyage never ends…the mind can never break off from the journey” – Pat Conroy

We are hands down probably the worst light packers when it comes to travelling – how do you manage/what key pieces would we find in your suitcase? 

I truly wish I could write the most amazing answer to this but truth is I am right there with you. I am the worst packer ever. You would think after traveling for so long and so often I should be a pro by now but nope. Too often do I find myself with a giant suitcase and an overweight carryon, still not knowing what to wear. Only once, when we traveled South East Asia for three month I managed to pack only one travel backpack but it was a miracle I can’t explain.

Where are we going to find you over the next 3 months? 

We are in Morocco at the moment and have almost reached the end of our one month exploration here but we are off to Spain and Santorini with a quick stop in Rome and Vienna, which I am really excited about.

Our last trip before returning to the States will be my hometown in Germany to spend some time with family.

Any tips for newby photographers that you wish you had of learnt early? 

That’s a tough question. I think it is important to find your own style. The longer I am in the photography scene the more I realize that every picture carries its own signature. 10 people can take a picture of the same place and they will all look different. I also think editing plays a major role, so finding a program you feel comfortable with early on will be of huge help down the road. When I started I had no idea how to use Adobe Lightroom and now I couldn’t even imagine my photography life without it.

Does your fashion style change country to country or do you have a “travel style” so to speak? 

Totally. I have realized that when I travel, I like to adapt to the culture and try to blend in. Not necessarily style wise but definitely color wise. In Thailand I loved my loose baggy pants and tons colorful patterns, in Austria I liked more the subtle tones such as grey, black, white and beige.

What is your all-time favourite faithfull piece? 

That would be the Canyon Stripes- Repeat Dress. I love how I can wear it plain on the beach but also combine it with pants when wandering the streets of Morocco. The colors match the sea, the mountains and the desert.

Shot 2016-10-13 at 3.37.10 PM

Kim wears the Repeat Dress in Canyon Stripe

If you could snap your fingers and be somewhere this instant – where would you go? 

Thailand. I am really craving some lazy beach days and panang curry.

How many countries have you ticked off your list so far?

Just counted and its been twenty-seven in total. I love that you asked this question, last time I counted I have visited nineteen.

Favourite food/dish of all time? 

Tikka Masala combined with garlic naan, rice and steaming hot sugary chai tea. We have seriously made it our mission to try Indian food wherever we go and the best we have had so far was in Washington. Haha who would have thought.

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