24 Hours in Capetown


24 Hours in Capetown

Follow Faithfull as we explore the top must-see’s of beautiful Capetown, South Africa on our quickest (and a little out there) stop over to date.


I had never stepped foot inside Africa, so to say I was a beyond excited is an understatement. 24 days or 24 hours, I wasn’t phased – the fact that this bucket list item was being checked off is all that mattered.

It was very quickly learnt that there is SO much scenery to take in around Capetown, let alone exploring the city outskirts. Number #1 tip – do your research and plan according to your tastes (or tastebuds as discovered).

24 hours in Capetown19
When you live and breathe beautiful white sand, crystal clear oceans, jagged coastlines and vibrant cultures, you realise you have stepped foot inside your own dream paradise.

Capetown is without question a location for you.

From the airport, Theo at  GoCabz greeted me with professionalism, locale insight and most importantly humour for the airport transfer to boutique hotel. Your initial interactions in a country usually have a way of shaping your trip – so this was a perfect induction to the warmth of the South African people.24 hours in Capetown2

Allow 30 – 45minutes during non-peak hour to reach the city coastline. Camps Bay was chosen as location of choice to set up base with its old school feel, and homely street details.


O On Kloof is a beautiful petite oasis nestled in the hustle and bustle of Cape Town’s Atlantic Seaboard. Eating early in the am, you may have the entire terrace to yourself which provides views over the glistening ocean. Match this with freshly ordered egg and salmon dishes, a selection of cheeses, cold meat, fresh fruit and juices and of coarse, a plethora of tea and coffee – you are in for a treat.

Designed for the luxe traveller, husband and wife owners of O on Kloof do not miss a detail. On welcoming expect a glass of bubbles, contemporary and elegant decor throughout the boutique and top amenities such as spa and gym facilities. O on Kloof truly goes the extra mile to quickly make sure you feel right at home.


Image via O On Kloof

Growing up I have never been a fan of calculated tours. The thought of sitting on a bus with another 30 individuals, each of who all have differing views of how they want to spend their time at any given location makes my stomach twist (sorry Tour Lover’s 😉 ) .

So alternatively, I hired Theo for the day for my own private tour. At 2500 rand (approximately $200 USD) for 8 hours, a wealth of knowledge and a sense of real safety – this was by far a definite win. Best news was, Theo is a registered tour guide – so not only was I getting private transfers all day to each location, but he knew just as much (I would say far more!) than any of larger tours operating in the area – and also had a few one liners hidden up his sleeve.

After rattling off the “Cape Town Musts” I had managed to pull together last minute, within minutes Theo had produced a full 8 hour itinerary, calculating what monuments to avoid at peak times, certain cliche spots that were better recognised at the true “local areas” and most importantly – what amazing locations I had managed to overlook completely.


9am arrived the following day, Theo was eagerly waiting ready to show Faithfull his favorite city on earth and I was ready with arms open, camera lens in hand to take in all the magic that is Capetown.

  1. Bo Kaap

Just beyond the hustle and bustle of Capetown lays beautiful Bo Kaap, booming with colorful houses and pebbled lanes – a not to be missed Capetown visit! 

24 hours in Capetown

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2. Hout Bay – Seal Island

Approximately 20 minutes from central Capetown is Hout Bay, the most active fishing harbour in all of South Africa and surrounded by the most beautiful mountains, atlantic ocean and some of our favorite furry friends.. 

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4. Hout Bay to Chapmans Peak Drive

From Hout Bay, you continue along Chapmans Drive to reach the Peak which was to say the least,  absolutely breathtaking. Boasting an array of restaurants, hiking and cycling tracks, and a plethora of shopping – Hout Bay will suit most pockets and tastes. 


4. Misty Cliffs

Nestled 45 minutes from Capetown in the Western Cape is the small village of Misty Cliffs, renowned for its barrelling waves and less crowded line ups. We stopped for a quick peak before continuing on the Cape Peninsula Loop.24 hours in Capetown14

5. Cape Point

Cape Point, approximately 1 hour from Capetown is beyond a doubt one of South Africa’s most magnificent natural phenomenons & sightseeing attractions. Once you reach the top of the point, go the extra mile and walk the 20-30 minutes hike to the end of the track, as you will truly feel a sense of edge-of-the-world allure. With natural cliff views surrounding your entire view, this is definitely a highlight not to be missed. 

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6. Cape West – Good Hope

Situated on the Cape Peninsula, Cape of Good Hope is the most south western point of the African Continent, and most importantly is a favorite snap happy location for tourists. Prepare to hustle in line to get the shot! 

24 hours in Capetown17

7. Boulders Beach

Famous for its furry friends, Boulders Beach is made up of an array of inlets between granite boulders just out of Simons Town. Local tip – to avoid the crowds ditch the broadwalk and instead take the right entry towards residence houses. You’ll be pleasantly suprised to have an entire private footpath to yourself, access to unspoilt views and interactions with the locals (Penguins!). 

24 hours in Capetown18

7. Steenberg Winery

Steenberg Winery is the oldest farm in the Cape producing some of the best wine in the region. Through a process of environmentally considerate and delicate wine making techniques, Steenberg Winery carries out the entire process from vine to bottle. For wine lovers, we definitely recommend to add this to your CapeTown Bucket List. 

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9. Muizenberg Beach

This post-card perfect seaside town on False Bay is largely famous for its calm “learn to surf” swell, as well as candy-coloured Victorian beach houses that stretch miles along the sandy shoreline. Make sure to charge your camera for this location, it is absolute paradise. 

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Location CapeTown, South Africa

Words + Photography by @faithfullthebrand

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