Model Muse – Maya Stepper


You’ve seen this tropical beach babe explore Lombok for our Summer’16 Maya Lombok collection, shot by Pierrot, now meet our model muse all the way from Germany – Maya Stepper

maya lombok campaign6

Maya wears the Alice Shirt in Rider Stripe

We recently flew you over to Lombok Indonesia – what was your highlight from this trip? My highlight was one of our last evenings when we all decided to just have a stroll through the little village and try some very traditional food. We met this cute little grandma and she cooked some fresh caught fish and vegetable for us that we all shared from one big plate. She kept bringing more and more delicious dishes when we told her how good it was. That’s actually my favourite part when traveling and getting to know a different culture – trying their food!

As a model, travel would be a huge part of your job – where in the world has really taken your breath away? I was absolutely blown away by the magic of Cape Town where I was at this same time last year. There’s something very spiritual about this place and the landscapes are absolutely breathtaking!


Maya wears the Apart Dress in Beach Stripes

We absolutely LOVE food! What is your favourite dish from your home country – Germany that we just have to try? Käsespatzle! I’m from the south of Germany and it’s a very traditional dish there. It’s basically the German answer to Mac and cheese (but obviously better).

 Your favourite vacay spot in your home land? Hamburg city is my very favourite place in Germany! It’s perfect for a fun city trip because it offers everything from a cool nightlife, to lots of art and the super modern harbour city. In summer you can relax in one of the beach clubs on the water or even get a car and drive to the ocean not too far away.


Food related again – your most unforgettable foodie experience? Where and what was it? Ahhh, my favourite thing haha! That must be trying all sorts of insects in Thailand. Definitely off the list and also off the list of things I wanna eat again.


Being a beach babe, where have you found your perfect beach escape (if it’s not a secret 😉 ) ? The beach is definitely my favourite place. Every beach has it’s own charm so that’s a really tough one. Not so far the beaches in Australia have absolutely blown me away with their endless white sand bays. But there’s a little magic bay at Koh Tao that I found by accident. I don’t even know the name so it will maintain a secret…

What piece of clothing HAS to travel with you on your explorations? Does a hat count? I always feel like I’m going on a adventure when I put a hat on 🙂


Have you ever travelled solo or prefer in groups? If so, where to and what was your experience? I have done and enjoyed both! I usually travel alone a lot for work and I really enjoy exploring a new place by myself. But in the end there’s nothing more beautiful than sharing amazing moments and memories with your friends.

What destination is next on your hit list? I would really love to go to Japan! It’s such a different culture and I find all their traditions and ways very fascinating. And of course the Japanese kitchen is already a reason itself.

maya lombok campaign4

Maya wears the Alice Shirt in Rider Stripe

Favourite faithfull piece to travel with? Faithfull makes the best jumpsuits! I am absolutely obsessed with mine. They are effortless but stylish and I love the flowy fabrics. So easy and comfortable!


Maya wears the Yacht Playsuit in Rider Stripe

Photography: Pierrot


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