Model Muse // Louise Mikkelsen


Model Muse // Louise Mikkelsen

Meet the face behind our Puglia Campaign – the beautiful Louise Mikkelsen – as we get to know her must see destinations and career highlights as an international model


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We recently flew you over to Puglia, Italy – what was a stand out moment from this trip?

I loved Puglia! Such an amazing place with so much culture.   I absolutely loved the pear tree at the house – (I think the rest of the team can confirm that) insane yummy pears ! Hahaha


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  What has been a highlight of your career so far? Be it photographers you have worked with or places you have been able to visit?

Oh gosh there are so many!   I for sure need to come back to Australia at some point! People are just the most loving there.. and don’t forget the environment and food – I just loved it there. I would love to shoot with Cameron Hammond (who shot these photos) again. He is such a talented guy I always love his work and also so nice to be around with. Him and his wifey are so sweet !

louise another

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Also loooove shooting with Brydie Mack, we always have a lot of fun and the results turns out so cool love everything she does and then we also just click good I think.  Funny fact that just proves my theory about Aussies are nice – All the people I just mentioned guess where they are from 😉


What is your fashion style and how did this come to be?

 It’s very mixed. I guess I get inspired like everybody else but I just do what I think looks nice mostly

Favourite faithfull piece to travel with?

The little red dress with the white dots – I think that’s actually one of my favorite pieces through the whole summer 😏


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Where can we find you over the next 3 months? 

Most likely New York

What inspires you?

I get inspired by everything I think. People on instagram, friends, talented people – a little bit of everything everywhere. There is so much to be inspired by I think

You’re from Denmark – what is the best thing about your home country/why should we visit! 

We have this word called “hygge” There doesn’t really exist a translation from it but it’s this whole vibe and it describe Denmark pretty good

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What food MUST we try that is a traditional Danish meal?

“Rugbrød/smørrebrød” and frikadeller”

Your favourite vacay spot in your home land?

My parents place, it’s far out on the countryside. It’s the best day to take some time off

You must travel a lot because of work – if you could go back to one place where would it be?

Can i choose them all? Haha no as I said earlier I really loved Australia and would love to go back!   But I have really been blessed with so many amazing locations that u can’t help falling in love in. Like Hawaii, Samoa, Rawa Island, Morton Island Byron Bay?   I have been living in Bondi Beach for about 3 months – loved it there ! But also do love living in LA tho

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 Any life motto or quote you live by?

Smile to would and the would smiles back It’s sounds pretty tacky I know, but honestly true

Quick questions!

City or nature?   City

Coastline or mountain?   Coastline

Barefoot or high heels?   High heels

Coffee or tea?   Tea

Sunrise or sunset?  Sunrise

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