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Meet Vivian, a creative bug with lust for adventure, style and all things in between.

As a young girl she spent her weekends browsing the web for inspiration, often resulting in self-initiated, playful shoots in her backyard. Around the same time she started modeling, and found herself enchanted by the energy and dynamic on set. A fascination for production, styling and photography was born – and would remain at the heart of her career.

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After completing a Bachelor’s degree in All-round Styling at Artemis Academy, Vivian followed a photography course at the Fotovakschool. At these institutions she further developed her styling and photography skills, and found her love for the lens.

Today she works as a freelance photographer and art director on freelance projects, from print to Instagram. Faraway locations, promising brands and freedom to create are what floats Vivian’s boat.

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  1. What came first – modeling or photographer?

Modeling, when I worked as a model back in the days I was inspired by the stylist and the photographer. That’s when I knew my future would be more in that area.  

2. What has been a highlight of your career so far? 

The last 1,5 year. Flying around the world and creating a my career.  

3.How did you get into content creation? Study or self taught? 

Both. I did a study for styling and photography. Everything else is self taught. 

4. What camera equipment can we find in your suitcase? 

A Canon 5d mark 3, bunch of lenses, a Minolta analog , Canon M5 for insta and video content and a disposable camera.  

5. Tell us a bit about your photography style? Where do you find inspiration? 

My style is based around finding something special in everything. Little things that catch your eye. Thats why I find inspiration in everything around me: people, scenery’s, locations, art, quotes and feelings.. 

6. Photographers/Models that you look up to? 

Bella Hadid, Cameron Hammond, Akila berjaoui, Slim Aarons

7. Favorite location you have travelled to?

Capetown. and Iceland, it is so pretty over there! You can’t believe that nature can create such beautiful places. 

8.Tell us a bit about growing up in Holland? 

I grew up in the south of the Netherlands. In between farms and a lot of animals. My neighbour used to go to school by tractor. I had the most amazing youth with very loving parents that always supported my decisions. My mother gave me my sense of style and my father helped me with finding my creativity and with being an entrepreneur. But most importantly: together they made me very down to earth.

9. Favorite European Summer location?

 St. Tropez, Ibiza, Lago Maggiore – this summer I will go on a road trip in italy so that will be seriously cool. 

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10. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

Still travelling, hopefully together with my boyfriend. Creating covers and series with the coolest models on the sickest locations. Or maybe I’ll have 6 cats and 4 dogs, buy a house in Capetown and start painting.. Who knows..

11. Favorite shoot you have modeled for/photographed thus far? 

My favourite model job was one where we shot a video for a client. We went to Las Vegas for 10 days straight, coolest job ever. My favourite photography shoot has to be for Gooseberry, which is still one of my favourite clients! 

12. Favorite faithfull piece to date? 

That cool striped red and white play suit. Omg I live in it. 

13. Do you prefer to shoot digital or film and why? 

Digital for clients – film for fun. A lot of clients still don’t get why I take photo’s with film. They like the idea of a big camera and a lot of equipment so it looks like your super professional. Bulls***. 

14. #1 holiday location on your list to go to!

The Amalfi Coast and Mexico, and there is a place in Afrika where you can have breakfast with giraffes, how cool! 

15. What music are you listening to at the moment? 

Khalid, he is amazing. Favorite song is my funny valentine / Ella Fitzgerald. 

16. Quote you live by?

Living the good life full of goodbyes / Don’t you worry child. 

17. If you could give any advise to an aspiring photographer/model/content creator what would this be? 

Start choosing for yourself. Don’t live for the ones who are expecting things from you. Once you dare to be alone and love yourself unconditionally, life will guide you and amazing things will happen. 

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Quick Questions

Tropics vs City? Capetown. Haha. 

Wine vs Cheese? Cheese. Melted. 

Flying vs Sailing? Sailing. But if I had wings I would choose fly. 

Slides vs Boots? Boots. 

European Summer vs Caribbean Adventure? European summer. 


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