BEHIND THE GIRL // Smaysdays


BEHIND THE GIRL // Smaysdays

Where/when did the desire to be a photographer begin? 

Growing up my Mum was always with a camera and it had always been a hobby of her own. That was enough to have me intrigued but when she gifted me a DSLR camera for my 17th birthday that was the moment, I couldn’t put the thing down. I then moved to England and travelled Europe for a year and came home to study Photography.


What camera equipment can we find in your case? 

You’ll find a Canon 5D, a 50mm lens, a Yashica Electro 35 and a wide frame Polaroid. A small family at the moment.

What’s your preference – film vs digital and why? 

This is always an extremely hard question for me. Film will always be a more special way to shoot for me personally but I couldn’t live without my digital.


Highlight of being a photographer? 

Travelling, without a doubt.

Favorite shoot you have completed thus far? 

My favourite would have to be an experimental shoot I did with my sister who is a floral artist. We played with flowers and the female form and it turned out really beautiful.


Where in the world has been the most magical for you? 

Hawaii to me is such an incredibly magic place. I’ve had so many magical moments there and its beauty itself appears as magical as anything.

If you could jump on a plane to anywhere in the world – where would this be and why? 

Would have to be Greece. I feel like I don’t even need an explanation why, it speaks for itself.


Number #1 on your bucket list? – go! 

The Philippines – it’s been on my list for far too long.

Describe your fashion style 

Simple/anything that goes with denim.

Favorite faithfull style to date 

The Boheme top, it’s perfect for every occasion and of course goes with all of my denim.


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Where do you get creative inspiration from? 

Nature most of the time, my sister other times.

What photographer do you look up to? 

Too many. William Eggleston, Helmut Newton, Ansel Adams, Slim Aarons, Guy Bourdin and Juergen Teller to name a few.

Describe your photographic style 

Minimal & observant.


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Key piece of advise for any inspiring content creator that you wish you were given earlier? 

Put yourself out there and don’t be afraid.

How many stamps do you have in your passport? 

8 pages full, still not enough.


Quick Questions 

City vs Island Life

Cheese vs Coconuts

Spontaneity vs Planner

Flying vs Sailing

Barefeet vs Sandals

Sandy Shores vs Rocky Coasts

Floral vs Stripes

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