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You see these babes travel around the salty waters of Indonesia (getting serious island envy at every stop!), but nows your chance to get up close & personal with WELIKEBALI aka Pris & Eve here on #faithfulltravels

WeLikeBali – explain the story behind the name! 

In 2009 we jumped on the plane from Amsterdam to Bali for a new chapter in our lives, and had the idea of blogging while exploring life at our new tropical home. We wanted to capture everything that We Like about Bali life… hence the name! So simple! Our name also embodies a positive mindset of focussing on the things you love and like. We believe this is an essential ingredient in our journey to create and live your dream life. And Bali means more than an island to us. It represents a lifestyle of creativity, love, freedom, travel, joy, health and counting your blessings every single day!

You guys look like you’re the BEST of buds – how did you both meet? 

We met each other at our first full-time job at a creative marketing agency in The Netherlands. We we’re creative project managers and clicked from the very first day. We became besties quickly and saw each other outside of work as well. Work was pretty stressful and hectic so we also noticed we’re a good team!


Explain a bit about your background – what was the best part about growing up in the Netherlands? 

Being with family, camping in Europe every Summer, biking to school every day and patat with appelmoes! We’re both from big families (Pris is half Dutch-Javanese and Eve half Dutch-Moluccan) and we’re real family persons. So our best memories are the ones having fun with our brothers and sisters, cousins, aunties and uncles and sleep overs at grandma’s ‘oma’s’ house.

We did some digging and found out you both came here for a 1-year getaway – how scary/amazing was making that huge leap of faith? 

Not scary at all, just super thrillingly exciting! We suddenly had the idea and simply just did it. We we’re 24 at that time and had nothing to lose. Just cancelled our rent apartment and started saving some money to cover for the first months. Pris’s uncle lived in Bali for years already, so we could stay at his home until we’d find a house for ourselves. And we we’re preparing everything together which makes it fun and easier to make decisions. So we felt very certain of our adventure ahead! After a year we weren’t ready to leave, and here we are now seven years later, still coming to Bali 100 times a year 🙂


You both are absolute girl bosses – what is the best piece of advice you could give someone starting out with their own blog/business idea/life in general that you wish you had of had earlier? 

  1. Don’t overthink. If you have an idea that shakes up every cell in your body and gives you that rush of excitement, energy and yes fear could be a part of it… than take the leap. Whether you have that one business idea or big travel plans… choose what excites you most and go for it. Once you start to overthink your negative thoughts will sabotage your plans. Create from your positive mindset and shut down the inner saboteurs. Business wise: if you don’t have the recourses to start full-time, start up next to your full-time job and work towards it. And yes, every idea has probably been done by someone… but not by you. Your execution of an idea will always be unique because you are unique.
    2. BE the boss, you are capable of amazing things as long as you believe in it. You should consider, see and feel like a girlboss and kick-ass entrepreneur even if you think you’re lacking skills.
    And 3. Find a fellow-girlboss to spar with, start a business with someone that you team up perfectly with (like we did!) or find a business mentor who’s willing to spar with you about your ideas, insecurities and coaches you throughout your girlboss adventure.

WeLikeBali gets to collab with amazing locations/brands/photographers – what has been a significant highlight for you both thus far? 

We love every single collab that we do, as every brand is so unique! We’re so blessed to experience amazing places because of our blog. We like to combine our brand collabs with trips/hotel/sleep collabs to create valuable content for our followers and use these amazing places as backdrops for great pictures for the brands. We recently did an amazing trip to Flores with Le Pirate Explorer. We brought our favorite brands like Faithfull the Brand to shoot photos with during this trip. And last month we we’re invited by a Jewelry brand to join a few days in Ibiza in a huge mansion just loving life. I mean, could life get any better?


You girls ROCK faithfull – what is your all time favourite piece (I know – this is a SUPER tricky one haha) 

OMG yes so tricky! Haha. We guess our all-time favorite piece would be one of the Faithfull jumpsuits. So perfect for our daily islandlife and travel adventures. Comfy to jump on the bike with and breezy on hot sunkissed days. Oh and another ultimate favorite is the Apart dress, we LOVE this style. Can wear it casually traveling, but even to weddings it still look amazing (Pris was wearing it recently to a wedding in Rome ;))

Eve wears the Apart Dress & Pris wears the Yacht Playsuit

Have you both always been interested in writing and photography – or did you just jump right in and learn on the job? 

We’ve always loved being creative. During our studies (Pris: Concept & Branding at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute and Eve: Arts & Economics at the School of Arts Utrecht) and at our first job we developed the skills and once we started blogging we got really into it. Still learning every day!

Welikebali is launching a published Bali Guide (YAY!!) and we couldn’t be more proud or excited for you both – how long has this been in the making and what was the entire process like? 

YAY! We’re still so excited too 🙂 Thank you so much! We had the idea two years ago and last year August we started working on this project. As we received e-mails every day from people around the world if we could help them out with tips. We could fill a whole day of replying all these excited travelers. So we decided to bundle up all our favorite places into one guide! We both worked on many other projects as freelancers as well and we had our blog and Insta to run, so we worked in the evenings, weekends and a lot of late nights to create this baby of ours, haha. We digged through our photography of the past seven years in Bali and curated our 250 favorite spots on where to eat, sleep and things like what trips to make, where to go for the best yoga, surf, beaches, sunset, etc. And because we love to be creative and different we designed and wrote everything ourselves. It’s like an ‘off the beaten path must-have magazine’ which hopefully will truly help creative travelers to make their Bali trip epic. We also donate a part of the profit from each guide to @Projectcleanuluwatu.

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What or who inspires you? 

Ooooh, wow… so many things! We get inspired all the time, too much sometimes even. Never a moment of rest in our heads and a phone full of screenshots haha. Here are a few: everything tropical and islandlife related, traveling, discovering new places, healthy cafes and food concepts like @a_r_v_o, @balibowlsbiarritz (heheh) a healthy and plant based way of living like @earthyandy does, amazing business ideas or brands like @faithfullthebrand, photography from @brooklynhawaii or @masonrosephoto, a video on @marieforleo or @melissaambrosini, a fresh printed magazine like @Cerealmag or @Herewithmagazine. And above all our loving family, friends and Christian faith.


Any quotes or sayings that you live by? 

Live love life.

Explain your perfect day in Bali! 

Wake up early birdy, jumping on the bike watching the sun rise – Pris goes for a surf, Eve for a barre class – meeting with friends for breakfast at Peloton. Fueling up with greens and a coconut cappuccino. Off to our front yard Seminyak beach for qtime and laughs with the girls and sipping coconuts. Then, more food – lunch at Warung Melati or the Shady Shack. After that getting spoiled at the Gooseberry Flagship Store with a mani pedi or a massage at Cozy and finishing the day with sushi at Dahana Dog, followed with hangs at one of our friends’ houses. If it’s a working day, we replace all the things to do with work but keep the work out and food stops :). Always eating.

If you could be anywhere in the world right now – where would you be? 

Ehm, you could zap us to Hawaii, Los Angeles, Tahiti, Fiji or the Amalfi Coast in Italy. As long as we can come back to Bali!

Where can we find you both travelling to over the next 3 months?

We want to visit Los Angeles and Hawaii again soon, but also dream about a trip to Australia

and Tahiti and of course another adventure somewhere in Indonesia. Can’t choose, we want to do it all!

What do we HAVE to visit in the Netherlands next time we are there? 

Amsterdam for sure, where we have so many favorite spots to go! Stay: Hoxton Hotel or Morgan & Mees – Eat: best cakes ever at Pluk, vegan café YAY (also for yoga!), best coffee Toki, fun food Schatje Patatje. Do: rent bicycles and bike along the canals, shop in de Pijp area and The Nine Streets (vintage Levis at Episode!), visit the Rijksmuseum (a must!) and in Summer time picnic at one of the beautiful parks.

Foodie question – give us 1 main dish we just MUST try in your home country

A fresh, warm, baked stroopwafel. Nothing better than that. Oh, and chocolade pepernoten, and boerenkool stampot with sweet potato, and …. (sorry can’t choose)!

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