Behind the Girl // Michelle van Dijk


BEHIND THE GIRL // Michelle van Dijk

Meet dutch babe @michellevdijk & gain a little insight into her photographer / visual art / freelance model / wanderlust life! 


How did you get into photography? 

Growing up in Cape Town my grandfather was a big fan of photography, always had he’s camera with him to snap shots of me and our adventures.  Safari’s was our favorite, shooting the amazing wild animals. My admiration and interest for photography already started as a young kid, the process and look at the world through the lens. Than through modeling I reconnected to the creative part again of photography when I got older and choose to follow the right footsteps.


What was your first camera? 

A disposable camera

What equipment can we find in your camera case? 

Canon Mark III -EF 70-200 lens – EF 50mm – polaroid camera and my fav Olympus film camera




Modelling vs Photographer – which do you prefer and why? 

Photographer. Creative and everything surrounded by it. I feel that I can really show my personality back into my photography. The way how I look at the world, how I look at my muses. How I see beauty in life.  Its timeless.

Film vs Digital – how do you choose between them? 

Love for both.

Film because time stands still and you really think about the image you want to capture. Digital because the opportunity of being able to work your magic afterwards.


Highlight of your career so far – whether it be modelling or behind the lens? 

I would say highlights – two of my favorite trips as a photographer –

The Aladin dream to India with Palmswimear and the Summersite adventures to Italy

Who inspires you? 

My inspiration comes from my travels, what I see is what I capture. The feeling and emotions with my muses and locations. If I would say who inspires me it are photographers like Helmut Newton and Peter Lindbergh.



How many countries have you travelled to? 

15 and still counting

What’s your fashion style? 

Easy. Simple with style.



Number 1 item you couldn’t live without 

My notebook. For ideas, inspiration and improvement.

Favourite Faithfull staple to date? 

The Kara Wrap Dress in Vintage Orange. Can’t wait to get it in every colour,  different day, different mood.


Most magical country/location you have ever visited? 

India. Every day is a step into another dimension, a spiritual path to be walked and a photograph on every corner.

Where can we expect to find you over the next 3 months? 

Its gonna be a wild adventure starting in Cape Town followed to my favorite island Bali and than off to Australia and than back to home sweet home Barcelona,where I will be back on time for European summer time!


What was the catalyst to move you from behind the lens to in front of it (or vice versa!) 

I would say creativity and everything surrounded by it, the art direction, the productions, the editing, the models. etc. Its the whole picture perfect. Nowadays I don’t see myself really as a ‘model’ but more the girl behind the lens, if I am in front of the camera it will be with passion towards the concept & photographer. A say in the final photo’s. Back in Europe I feel that models are more seen as a product, their opinions don’t matter. As a photographer, you’re opinion always maters. This was the most important Catalyst for me.

Number one on your bucket list! 

To make a meaningful documentary where I will reach opinions with my photography. A chance to change a life. A opportunity.



Quick questions

Road trip vs fly

Salty ocean adventures vs chasing waterfalls

City vs island life

Pizza vs pasta

Floral vs stripes

Photographer @wernerstoltz 

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