Behind the Girl // MatildaDjerf


BEHIND THE GIRL // Matilda Djerf

We spoke with one of our all time favorite faithfull muse’s & super sweetheart @matildadjerf about how she fell into blogging, all things travel & growing up Swedish for #faithfulltravels

You travel the world in front of a lens – how did you get into Modelling and was this always the plan?

I got into modeling kind of by accident, i’ve always loved everything that has to do with photography so to start an instagram showcasing my photos came naturally. And with that came offers to model, which I am so thankful for. What a wonderful accident that was!

You have been to some to incredible destinations – what has been a stand out highlight so far and why?

oh I loved island hopping in caribbean, all the different cultures, the nature.. it was definitely many pinch me moments going on under those three months. The turquoise water in Aruba, and the friendliness in Saint Lucia was my two favorite things.


If you could jetset to anywhere in the world right now – where would that be and why? 

The maldives, agh i’m craving a trip to that gorgeous place!!

What can you not travel without? 

Camera, my boyfriend (who is also my photographer), bikini and faithfull clothes.

If you had to recommend one location that you have visited as a MUST SEE before you die, where would that be and why?

California, hands down. You just fall in love with the city as soon as you step out of the airplane. The air, the scenery, the people.. nothing beats it! Waking up and going for a morning walk in Venice and taking in the california air it just does something to you!

How would you describe your fashion style?

Easy, comfortable and vintage.

Favorite Faithfull pieces to date? 

Can I answer everything? haha.. The Baia shirt dress is one of my go-to pieces. But so is the Boheme top.. and all the jumpsuits.. just gonna leave it there.

Quote you live by?

I asked my boyfriend what he thought and I got the answer, ”life is a party!” which is a pretty good one actually. It’s so important to enjoy life and have fun while at it.


If you could give one piece of advice to any inspired blogger – what would that be?

Always be yourself and stick to what you believe in. There are so many people in the world pretending to be someone else, so you need to be YOU! Happiness and success for me is owning my uniqueness in every single aspect of life. And I think that shines through the screen!

Tell us a bit about growing up in Sweden!

Growing up in sweden is something I am very thankful for. We have such a good support system when it comes to pretty much everything. Growing up in a small town however, is always challenging. Sticking out is not something people like. So I always had this dream about traveling and following my dreams. Which I know am. However coming home to Swedish summer and remembering all the great times spent at our summer places as a kid makes me love Sweden a bit more. Think the greenest grass and the darkest blue ocean, nights that go on forever and flower crowns as we celebrate midsummer. Sounds pretty yeah? And all the winters spent making snowmen and drinking hot chocolate. Sweden is definitely hard to beat sometimes.

Alltime favourite song?

Die a happy man with Thomas Rhett. Apparently i’m a country girl at heart!

Who or what inspires you? 

Everything! honestly. People I see on the streets. My support system that is my family. A beach. Photographers.. I would say life inspires me!

Where can we expect to follow you over 2017?

Australia, California, Europe.. the rest is a mystery! For me as well, haha.

Growing up in Sweden – what is one place in your home country that is a must visit for any traveller?

The swedish country side, the small little summer villages are the best. It’s so idyllic. Like Smögen or the island where I have a summer place, called Grötö. It’s a small island where no cars are allowed. The only thing you do is take dips in the ocean, relax on the cliffs and sip on a glas of wine until it gets dark (which is like never in sweden during summer).


 We absolutely adore food – what is one classic Swedish meal every traveller must try when in your home territory?

Swedish meatballs with lingon, yum!! Oh and our cinnamon buns are actually the yummiest.

Your boyfriend now travels with you taking your beautiful images – how did that come about? (Can we mention how GREAT his work is!)

I know, he is amazing right? thank you he says! We started our journey together while island hopping in Caribbean early 2016. We would then shoot with a small digital camera, and yes – people looked at us a bit funny. Probably though we were amateurs haha, little did they know this is now our full time job huh! As I grew he grew with me & everything else has just come very organically for us. I’m so thankful to have someone by my side who knows my style and what works for my blog etc.

Secret talent?

I make the worlds best cup cakes, no doubt about it.

New Years Resolution? If you have one!

This year I just promised myself to live life to the fullest, and enjoy it to 100%.



City Life vs Island Life

Sunrise vs Sunset

Tea vs Coffee

Chocolate (how can this even be a question!?) vs Cheese

Planned Trip vs Spontaneity

Barefeet vs Sandals

Summer vs Snow

Dress vs Playsuit

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