BEHIND THE GIRL // Kim Riekenberg


BEHIND THE GIRL // Kim Riekenberg

We get up close & personal with the absolutely beautiful soul, Kim Riekenberg.

The face of our Resort 16 Campaign ~ see what inspires her, style tips & personal highlights from the shoot to majestic Morocco here on #faithfulltravels

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As a model, travel would be a huge part of your job – where in the world has really taken your breath away?

Well each destination has their own story but Sydney and cape town are just incredible – also where we traveled to took my breath away – I have never seen places likes these before … That always inspires me and remind me that there is so much more to see and to be discovered ! For me the most important is how the atmosphere and energy feels like and of course what memories I’ve got there.

We recently flew you over to Morocco to Shoot Resort 16 with us (and we had a ball!) – what was a highlight from this trip for you?

Arriving at The old castle in Ouzazate on day two! I think it’s a really unique one .. The landscape around just made it incredible beautiful !

We absolutely LOVE food! What is your favourite dish from your home country that we just have to try?

 As I am from the north of Germany (not eating fish) I can’t really tell – they love fish up here .. So probably fresh fish! But you have to try “käsespätzle” it’s a traditional dish from the south of Germany. It’s a special kind of pasta with cheese, onions  and a little hint of parsley.. Yummm!

Your favourite vacay spot in your home land?

Hotel Mama! always enjoying time at home.  But there is this island called “Sylt” which is a great destination and I recently discovered “Bodensee” which is a huge lake in south Germany – great nature and a calm atmosphere … A nice get away !

What item HAS to travel with you on your explorations?

Camera or at least my iPhone to take nice memories ! Even though you never catch it’s beautiful side as you see it through your eyes ..


Have you ever travelled solo or prefer in groups? If so, where to and what was your experience? 

As a model traveling alone is a big part of your daily business .. That’s why I prefer to travel in a group – I actually prefer to be around people.

What destination is next on your hit list?

If I could choose I would go back to Sydney/australia when it’s summer over there ..

Or somewhere in South America as this is  a continent I’ve never been before.

Favourite faithfull piece to travel with? 

I love the white dress that I got from you! It can be casual but also classic 🙂 as I never know what’s happening next – it’s a good piece to have in my luggage.  But to be honest I  can’t wait for your new collection to come out !

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You have recently spent quite a bit of time in New York – what made you fall in love with this city?

The first time I made it to New York was 4 years ago – since then it’s a never ending love story. I guess because I always spent a really good time with nice people there and of course the whole vibe in the city gets me! You never get board and you are always on the run… Which sometimes gets a little exhausting haha that’s why it’s a good Balance  to travel back and forth

If you could give one piece of advice what would it be?

Advice ? Breath and trust – it will all fall into places when it’s the right time .. Till then believe and trust yourself ! 


Who/what inspires you?

I like to read the magazine happiness which always helps to calm me down .. People who never give up their positive energy no matter what !

What is currently on the top of your bucket list?

Improve myself and help others 🙂

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What is your fashion style and how do you think that came to be?

Being minimalistic at the moment – My style is casual but with the right accessories like a nice pair of sneakers or a good bag will pimp your style -and always wearing my jewellery that I got from my loved once !

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If you could snap your fingers – where would you travel to right now?

Either back to New York or Bahamas for a nice vacy haha

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