You’ve seen this blonde beauty turn her dreams into a reality, trotting the globe one photograph at a time with her equal as talented partner @doyoutravel.  Now get up close and personal with this world renowned travel blogger about her successes and travel insights to see Behind the Girl with Faithfull.

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  1. You travel the world taking beautiful photographs – how long has this been in plan/action for to be able to do now do this for a living?

Well I started @Gypsea_lust almost 2 years ago now. It wasn’t really a plan to make it a full time career, just something to have fun with and share my travels. I didn’t really know how to take photos, and just started learning and teaching myself through inspiration of others.

Lauren wears the Repeat Dress

2. What equipment could we expect to find in your camera case? 

You would find a canon 5d Mk3, canon 24-70mm, sigma 35mm and canon 16-35mm

Also find my MacBook Pro and hard drive. And a tripod!

We also have a underwater housing for the DSLR and bring that when needed.

Oh and of course my Polaroid camera for fun!


3.You have been to some to incredible destinations – what has been a stand out highlight so far and why?

My stand out destinations would be Samoa, I can’t wait to go back, it’s just so natural and beautiful and not over run by tourists.

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4.If you could snap your fingers and be anywhere in the world right now – where would that be and why? 

I would be in Tahiti- Bora Bora. I just really want to go there at the moment! It’s the top of our wish list.

5. What can you not travel without? 

Can’t travel without my boyfriend jack 😉 I love having company!

6. If you had to recommend one location that you have visited as a MUST SEE before you die, where would that be and why?

Cappadocia turkey, it’s just so special! Especially sunrise with all the balloons in the sky!

7. We SERIOUSLY struggle to pack lightly – what’s your greatest tip for packing on the road?

Packing lightly, well I struggle with this!

Maybe try with travel sized cosmetics, don’t pack too many shoes, when it comes to swimwear I can’t talk- I pack SO many!

8. How would you describe your fashion style?

Causal boho style. I don’t like/wear high end designers. I prefer to support and wear the small labels with a much more unique design.

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9. Favorite Faithfull pieces to date? 

The Montero Pants in white and gold stripe! I take them on all trips!

Lauren wears the Montero Pants

10. Quote you live by?

Everything happens for a reason- this just sticks with me. I’ve been told many wise and amazing sayings but this just seems to stay in the back of my mind.

11.If you could give one piece of advice to any inspired blogger or photographer – what would that be?

Be authentic and be unique

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  1. Who or what inspires you? 

The whole creative industry inspires me, my sister and boyfriend obviously are huge inspirations. And just meeting other creative people through jobs or mutual following, everyone has a different approach and their success in it inspires me.

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13. Where can we expect to follow you over the next 6 months? (Have we mentioned how jealous we get of these travels!)

Next 6 months.. we are just about to board a flight to Thailand, after that; Bali of course – we live here! Then Dubai, Australia, Philippines, then heading more into 2017- Mexico/ South America.. plans always changing!

14. Growing up in Australia – what is one place in your home country that is a must visit for any traveller?

I love the region of Tropical North Queensland, I live there for some time recently, and just loved the diversity of things to see and do! That’s where I really expressed my creativity and got into my career.

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15.We absolutely adore food – what is one classic aussie meal every traveller must try when down under?

Hm!! My favourite thing when going home would be the classic vegemite on toast. But I recommend mixing it up and having Avocado on top- always!!


City vs Wilderness

Flying vs Sailing

Sunrise vs Sunset

Tea vs Coffee

Chocolate vs Lollies

Planned Trip vs Spontaneity

Thongs vs Sandals

Summer vs Winter

Dress vs Playsuit

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