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You’re from Spain – what was it like growing up there?

Spain is an amazing country, the weather is great and people are generally very happy. Even though I love travelling, I have to admit that I am completely in love with my country. I love the way of life and I am a typical Galician traveller (I was born in the north, in Galicia, and there’s a saying that there’s a Galician in all different parts of the world…).

You must travel a lot because of work – if you could go back to one place where would it be?

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I am totally in love with Paris and Denia (a little town in Alicante, in Spain’s Mediterranean coast). Those are the two places that I always want to go back to and where I feel most at home.

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If there is one place in Spain that is not to be missed – where is this and why should we go there?

I think Andalucia is very charming and where you’ll find most things that are typically associated with Spain if you’re coming from abroad. Its cities (such as Seville, Granada, Cordoba or Malaga) and towns have something special and you’ll find some really delicious food across the region.

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We are obsessed with food and wine – what and where is your favourite restaurant to-date?

I am obsessed with Indian food. I first came across this type of cuisine during a trip to Rajastan (I spent a month getting lost in India with just a return ticket!), and since then it’s become my favourite food. The Indian Palace in Denia is one of my favourite restaurants. I go almost every day whenever I am there. I am also a fan of typical Galician cuisine such as seafood, fish pie, and my mum’s cooking.  

If you could wear one thing for the rest of your life what would it be?

A pair of jeans and a white t-shirt, that’s for sure.

 white shirt & jeans

You recently launched your own collection, what is it like juggling blogger/travel lifestyle and being a girl boss of your own label?

I try and make the most of every moment. I spend my time working on my brand, À BICYCLETTE, and my blog BARTABAC so I have to make sure that I am very organised. I do, however, love my hectic lifestyle working on different collections, designs, trips, social media … it’s a crazy yet beautiful way of life! I also make the most of my trips to take photos for my blog and to get inspiration for my brand, which after five years, is now available in five different countries and across 250 points of sale.

You are a published writer, a huge congratulations to you! How long was the process of coming up with the concept, writing this and seeing it in the flesh? Any highs and lows during this time?

Writing my book, BARTABAC, was an incredible experience. I couldn’t believe that I was actually going to get published! I spent a year working on the project and truth be told, it wasn’t  easy, because I didn’t always have a lot of time to spend on it or was sometimes lacking inspiration. I got there in the end and was able to reflect what BARTABAC is all about in a book. I tried to make sure there was something for everyone including unpublished photos and a lot of fashion, travel and beauty related content. I kept things practical and casual and according to my readers, I accomplished what I had initially set out to do.

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What is your favourite faithfull piece to date to travel with you?

I’ve been wearing this playsuit non-stop this summer I’ve taken it everywhere with me and worn it in many different ways: on the beach, to go out for dinner or to go out for a drink. It’s very elegant, girly and quite cool and best of all, it goes with absolutely everything.

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What music do you find yourself listening to right now? 

I am a huge fan of The Cure, my favourite band, and I generally tend to listen to a lot of soul and R&B.  

How did you get into blogging/what was the motive behind this? 

I started the blog 7 years ago as a hobby and driven by my passion for fashion. My photographer P.Soury and I wanted to create something that was of good quality from the get-go, with plenty of good photos and interesting content … and it seems to have worked! The blog became my full-time job after about a year and my brand, my 7 Pertini by Bartabac shoe collections, my book and many collaborations with brands and magazines followed.

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If you could give one tip in the world to aspiring fashion designers/bloggers, what would it be?

Be yourself. Create your own universe that will set you apart from everyone else and make sure that you’re passionate about what you do. Don’t pay too much attention to the figures (number of hits, followers…), stay true to yourself, be constant and work hard.

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What destination is next on your hit list? 

I am off to New York for fashion week, then Cannes, followed by London (LFW) and Paris (PFW). All in the month of September!

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What has been the highlight of your career so far? 

Creating À Bicyclette, my own brand, is what makes me feel most fulfilled as well as being able to work under total freedom, being my own boss and travelling with my partner in crime P.Soury. It’s priceless!


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